Gifting Whisky

With the passage of time, whisky consumption throughout the world has risen relentlessly. Among alcoholic drinks, whisky is the most in demand. Every second, 34 bottles of Scotch whisky are exported to other countries.

One of the main causes of this dizzying increase in demand is that the whiskies being produced are better, more special and more premium.

Although there is the mistaken belief that a whisky is better the longer it has remained in a barrel, it is true that over time the barrel provides colour and certain flavours but there will come a moment when the wood cannot provide more flavour or notes, meaning it has been exhausted.

The result is distilleries producing better quality whiskies in a shorter space of time. This is only possible with improved distillation, better wood, and oak toasting and smoking processes.

Whiskies’ different types or classes has seen the best brands of whisky competing in special categories, including “Best Single Malt”,  “Best Bourbon”, “Best Single Cask Single Malt” and “Best Blended Limited Release Whisky”.

The world’s most expensive whiskies have become an object of desire and it is not uncommon to find premium whiskies at auction or even in private whisky collections. It is often very difficult to find a limited edition of a certain whisky on the market owing to high demand and the rising value of premium brands of whisky. This specialisation has enabled consumers to employ whisky as the perfect gift: it is a special, distinctive, quality – and sometimes luxury – product. Buying whisky is in fashion and gifting whisky is a safe bet.