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Conde Lumar

Conde Lumar is an innovative, artisanal distillery that manufactures high-quality, signature distillates with gold leaf.

Signature distillates

Our products are the consequence of innovation and research married with dedication, effort and care for our product. The results are unique products in terms of flavour, scent and colour in combination, offering a distinctive sensory experience.

23k gold suspension certified in Germany Download certificate

5 distillations and a selection of natural botanical extracts

The quality of our distillates lies in a careful selection of botanical extracts and the five distillations we develop in traditional copper stills that date back to the beginning of the 19th century.
This ensures a unique experience of flavours while continuing to highlight the wealth of scents inherent to the natural botanical extracts used.

Labels designed by Mark Krawczynski

Our labels have been designed by the Canadian painter, Mark Krawczynski. They are inspired by the vibrant colours found in nature - which is the source of our products - in combination with golden symbols that denote the exclusivity of gold in our premium distillates.

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The terms “whiskey” and “whisky” are often used to refer to different whiskies available on the market. Both are correct but note that “whiskey” with an “e” is a term that is used for all types of whiskies. However, the word “whisky” is reserved exclusively for whisky with Scottish origins. Up until the 1870s, Scotch whisky was not considered a…



Rum is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks throughout the world. There are more than 30 countries that produce top-quality rum and it is one of the most pleasant, fascinating, diverse distillates to exist on the market. Although providing an exhaustive ranking of rums is too large a task, a distinction must be made between types of rum…


Gifting Whisky

With the passage of time, whisky consumption throughout the world has risen relentlessly. Among alcoholic drinks, whisky is the most in demand. Every second, 34 bottles of Scotch whisky are exported to other countries. One of the main causes of this dizzying increase in demand is that the whiskies being produced are better, more special and more premium. Although there…


What is a premium gin?

Discussing “premium gin” or the “best gin” is no easy task. Here at Conde Lumar, we believe what defines a gin as “premium” is quality and purity together. To produce the best blue, pink or violet gin, we start with a quality juniper berry that has been meticulously selected, and is then mashed in pure alcohol using artisanal techniques. The…