Legendary production method; the best raw material combined with patient aging in our best oak barrels, in which American whiskies and Pedro Ximénez fine wines have been previously aged, has allowed us to create unique products.

Smoked with the Aroma of Honey, Cocoa and Spices

XO Aged Dominican Rum 1818 Premium Liqueur 23K

This product is made using the most exclusive raw material: pure sugarcane honey; concentrated sugarcane juice. We use a unique, traditional manufacturing process before aging the product for seven years.


XO Premium Aged Dominican Rum 1818 Limited Edition 498 bottles

Small distilleries still hold the greatest treasures; this exclusive limited edition Rum is the fruit of time, experience and our tradition.

On the nose it offers a perfect balance of vanilla, cocoa, toasted oak, burned sugar, toasted nuts, and orange peel scents. On the palate, it provides hints of nuts and honey as well as dark chocolate. The finish is extremely long, smooth and sweet.

A unique experience to be enjoyed and gift

A special Rum to be gifted and shared; a luxury, original, unbeatable present anyone would love. This is one of the world’s most distinctive and exclusive bottles, making it the perfect gift for fans of premium, signature distillates.