A truly Spanish brandy

Brandy 1818 Solera Reserva

Our Brandy 1818 is the fruit of our Spanish family legacy and heritage; a gift from artisanal tradition and wisdom; a journey back in time that allows us to savour our history.

Zealously aged for five years in barrels made from quality Spanish oak, which previously aged Pedro Ximenez sherry, we use the same system as the best wines from Jerez.

It has an intense amber colour and on the nose it is well-rounded and clean with scents of toasted wood and hints of vanilla, cinnamon and oranges. Extremely smooth and elegant on the palate, it offers hints of sweet cocoa, toasted nuts and light oak notes. It has an intense, long-lasting finish.


The product was made using the same familiar procedure that has been employed for 200 years; distilled from an excellent selection of good, balanced, Spanish wines, and aged the same way as Jerez wines, we used the complex, dynamic “criaderas” and “soleras” system.

Sublime, fresh, fruity white wines with little acidity and which use Airén grapes as their base are the perfect raw materials for distilling. Distillation using our small, traditional Herve & Moulin copper stills dating back to the beginning of the 19th century provides the craftsmanship and tradition necessary to produce quality distillates.

To age them, these “holandas” are placed in oak barrels that were previously filled with Jerez sherry. The spirit is stored and aged – using centennial mastery – underground at a constant temperature of 15 degrees.

Etiqueta Brandy


The care shown to the product in our cellar, along with exclusive 23k gold, results in an unbeatable experience. This legendary, aromatic aged Spanish brandy is a stylish drink in the glass thanks to the 23k gold used.

Our Brandy 1818 will seduce even the most demanding palates with its craftsmanship, personality and unique character. To enjoy its smooth, exquisite flavour, all you need is a brandy snifter and a quiet moment in private or with company.